Don’t be afraid to ask questions if you have doubts or concerns:

Speak up! This will allow your healthcare providers an opportunity to better assist you. We want you to understand your treatment plan and why we have chosen it for you.

Involve your loved ones:

Keep your loved ones informed about your care plan. Better yet, ask a family member to assist you in understanding and carrying out your care plan.

Make sure you and your caregivers are clear about what medications you take:

Be sure to tell your caregivers what medications you are taking, including non-prescription medications, vitamins and herbal remedies. When you receive a prescription, make sure it is the right medication and the right dose.


Did you know that each year, many lives and millions of dollars are lost due to the spread of infections in hospitals? Don’t be afraid to remind friends, family and healthcare providers to wash and sanitize their hands before coming into direct contact with you.

Some final thoughts…

Remember what our parents used to tell us before crossing the street? Before you proceed: “stop, look and listen.” Our parent’s aim was to involve us in making the right decision. They didn’t want us to be harmed because we were caught off guard.

  • Stop and learn the facts about your condition and your medications.
  • Look carefully through your care plan with us so that we all fully understand and concur on its course
  • Listen closely to what you’ll need to do to continue your care plan at home.

Above all, be proactive! Let us know if you feel the need to vary your care plan. Explain why. We will listen.