The Health Information Management (Medical Records) Department of Memorial Hospital is open Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

We believe strongly in maintaining patient confidentiality. Patient access to their medical records is an important right and we will attempt to provide that access in a timely and efficient manner. However, there are some rules and guidelines which we are required by law to follow in order to ensure our patients’ most private information is held in strict confidence.  All requests for medical records must be submitted via U.S. mail to:

HIM Department
Memorial Hospital
PO Box 587
Gonzales, Texas  78629
Requests may also be submitted by fax to (830)672-3215.  *WE DO NOT ACCEPT REQUESTS SENT VIA EMAIL.*

The release of records from Memorial Hospital directly to another healthcare provider does not require written authorization. Please provide the name, address and/or fax number of the hospital, clinic, or physician where the records are to be sent and we will be happy to send them for you.

The competent, adult patient is entitled to receive a copy of their medical records. Please contact the department in advance so that we can have them ready for you to pick up. The patient is the only person to whom we can release copies unless they authorize someone else to receive their records in person. We will not provide copies of records via e-mail.  Any written authorization must include the following and be dated and timed at the time of signing:

  • Who is to release the records (Memorial Hospital)
  • Who they are to be released to (name of spouse, child, etc)
  • What records are to be released (lab reports, x-ray reports, emergency department records, etc)
  • When the authorization expires (date)

If a patient is not mentally competent to authorize the release of their records, the person specified in a Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare may act as the patient’s agent to authorize release. Parents and legal guardians may also receive copies of their children’s records. In the case of a deceased patient, only the next of kin (as recorded on the death certificate) or the executor of the estate may have access to the patient’s records.

A patient may request a change to information in their medical record if they feel an error has been made. However, this requires the consent of the person who made the original entry. Any authorized changes will become a part of the patient’s medical record. If the person making the original entry in the record will not make a correction because they feel the original entry was correct, the patient may submit a written statement to the contrary that will also become part of the medical record.

Contact Information
Contact: Leslie Janssen
Number: (830) 672-4627