Surgical Services

Our Surgery Department provides the technology and support your surgeon requires and the calm, attentive environment you need to have a stress-free surgical experience. Our expanded surgical suite of operating rooms includes the most advanced and efficient equipment for your procedure. There is no need to travel far for high quality surgical care from a team of experienced surgeons. At Gonzales Healthcare Systems, you will find highly trained surgeons in a broad range of specialties, from thyroid surgery, hernia repair, breast surgery, gall bladder removal to 24/7 emergency surgical services.

Day surgery 

The Day Surgery unit at Gonzales Healthcare Systems istock_000028967152_small-d444287bb3ba013b79b6ba7fd85f1566performs a variety of surgical procedures that include colonoscopy, endoscopy of stomach, tubal ligation, dialation and curettage, laparoscopy, local excision, cataract, arthroscopy of joint, bunionectomy, carpal tunnel release, hammertoe correction, trigger finger release, needle directed breast biopsy, central line placement, foreign body removal, hemorrhoidectomy, hernia repair, gallbladder removal, skin cancer excision, vasectomy, epidural steroid injection, colonoscopy, reduction of fracture, incision and drainage of abscess and other procedures.

Outpatient procedures are performed by our local physicians and/or our specialty physicians.  The average length of stay from admission to dismissal is 3-4 hours. Recovery care after the surgical procedure is completed will be done in the post anesthesia recovery unit.

Whether you are an outpatient or admitted to Gonzales Healthcare Systems, trust our surgical team to begin your healing with improved outcomes.

Contact Information
Contact: Casey Jansky
Number: (830) 672-7581 ext. 1712