Experienced Labor & Delivery Services Close to Home

At Gonzales Healthcare Systems, we know that each birth experience is unique. Focused on family-centered care, we offer four labor, delivery, recovery, & postpartum private suites so that each family has the birth experience they deserve. Following birth, we encourage family time and visitors are welcome.

You will be cared for by an experienced and compassionate Registered Nurse who has the following certifications: Neonatal Resuscitation Program (NRP), Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS), Basic Life Support (BLS), Intermediate and/or Advanced Fetal Monitoring Certification, S.T.A.B.L.E., as well as yearly breastfeeding education.

You may also be assisted by an OB LVN who is ACLS, BLS, NRP certified, as well as yearly breastfeeding education.

Bluetooth fetal monitoring is available with the Monica Novii equipment in order to assist the laboring mom.

The “GOLDEN HOUR” is the vital first hour of your baby’s life; a time in which mom, dad, and baby spend time together uninterrupted. This time provides many positive benefits for your baby.  During this time, skin-to-skin contact is encouraged.  Benefits include:

Decreased stress for newborn
Regulation of newborn’s temperature
Regulation of newborn’s blood sugar level
Regulation of heart rate and breathing
Improved bonding and breastfeeding

In addition to the GOLDEN HOUR, your healthcare team at Gonzales Healthcare Systems offers:

Delayed cord clamping for up to 60 seconds
Delayed bathing
Limited visitors during the Golden Hour
Rooming in with newborn 24 hours a day
Mommy-baby nap time from 1pm-3pm
Full-time in-house Lactation Consultant
Experienced nursing staff who are dedicated to the care of you, your newborn, and your family

istock_000015236045_small-05d2f594a4135cb023b5041182aea07dWe offer tours of our Labor and Delivery suites. In addition, we host quarterly “Mommy Mingle” events where expectant moms are able to tour our facility, meet and greet the doctors, receive breastfeeding education, and more.  Our goal at Gonzales Healthcare Systems is to make your birth experience as pleasant and comfortable as possible. If you have any questions about available services, please call (830) 672-7581 ext. 1985.
Our staff is ready to assist you in delivering your life’s greatest treasure.

Contact Information
Contact: Lori Parker
Number: (830) 672-7581 ext. 1010
Email: lparker@gonzaleshealthcare.com