“I climbed the rock climbing wall at THRIVE HealthPlex!”

—Emilie Logan

Emilie Logan believes in staying physically active. So there’s no telling what she might do when she turns 90 this coming November after tackling the rock climbing wall at THRIVE HealthPlex for her 88th birthday.

Emilie started going to THRIVE HealthPlex about 12 years ago before it moved to its new location. “I just love the new place,” says Emilie, who worked for more than 36 years at a local bank before retiring. “There’s so much more room and so many different things to do. I go there every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for my one-hour water aerobics class.

 There are about ten or twelve in the class, and when we get together, we have so much fun!”

Dedicated to fitness, therapy and total-body wellness, THRIVE HealthPlex is part of Gonzales Healthcare Systems and features more than 50,000 square feet. The facility offers everything from massage, physical therapy and child care to an indoor swimming pool, group fitness classes and, of course, Emilie’s favorite rock climbing wall.

Emilie sees THRIVE HealthPlex as a special gathering place for the community. “I’ve met so many different types of people there, including many who come from nearby towns,” she says. “It’s just a wonderful place to be. Come join us for our next water aerobics class!”