To further protect our staff, patients, and you during the coronavirus situation, we will be implementing the following items.

*All items listed below will go into effect 7am Thursday morning, March 19th.*

We will be restricting access into our facility.
📍1 visitor will be allowed to accompany patients in the Emergency Department, Inpatient floor, Outpatient, and OB department.
📍Visiting hours will be 7am-7pm for the Inpatient floor, Outpatient, and OB department.
📍Visitors/patients will be screened and asked to share their contact information before entering the building, and only after passing the screening and deemed fever free, will they be allowed to enter.
📍Visitors/patients must check out of the facility when leaving through the same door they entered.
📍Visitors must be 18 years of age.
📍For minors, only one parent or guardian will be allowed.
📍For a patient at end of life, these situations will be handled on a case by case basis, so all family members have time with their loved one.
📍For OB patients, only the patient’s significant other or one person of patient’s choosing will be allowed.
📍One overnight guest will only be allowed for patient advocates, end of life patients, laboring moms, and pediatric patients. These guests will have their temperature checked at nurse shift change. Guests who show a fever will be asked to leave the facility.
📍Reminder, Sievers Medical Clinic is restricting access to the clinic to adult patients only, and one parent/guardian for minor patients.

Our Dining Room will now be closed to all outside guests. Staff, patients, and patient visitors will still have access to the dining room.

An outdoor drive-thru triage area will now be set up outside of the Emergency Department. All patients will remain in their car and be routed thru the drive thru triage area. The nurse outside will determine the next step in your treatment plan. Please follow the directional signs.

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we navigate the coronavirus situation.