Life doesn’t go as planned. When the big hits come, you put your faith into something bigger.

That’s what Jessica Alvarado did. On a trip with her husband, from West Texas to Houston, Jessica’s husband had a medical emergency while they were driving through Gonzales County. She called 911 and EMS arrived. EMS asked Jessica which hospital she wanted to go to. Knowing nothing about her surroundings, she left it up to the EMS personnel to transport her husband to the place that they believed would take care of him the best. “I left it up to God,” Jessica said. EMS delivered her husband to Gonzales Healthcare Systems’ Emergency Room on Halloween evening.

“I walked into the ER and the nurses are in costumes, and it struck me odd. I didn’t even realize it was Halloween. But they had their serious faces on and immedicably started tending to my husband.” At one point, even the respiratory therapist that talked to Jessica said, “Our paths were meant to cross.” ER staff made sure Jessica was comfortable and taken care of while the clinical staff took care of her husband. Once he was stabilized, he was moved to an inpatient room.

That following morning, Jessica went to the cafeteria for breakfast. She couldn’t believe the spread that was available. Later that day, as family started arriving, everyone was able to stay in her husband’s room to visit. “We couldn’t believe we could all stay in here. Even the babies. The big hospitals don’t let us do that,” said one family member. “God is good,” Jessica said. To which everyone responded, “All the time.” “I put this all into God’s hands, and God put us where we needed to be. We have felt like family here, and the care has been outstanding,” Jessica stated, as she surveyed the room with her husband and loved ones.

Life doesn’t go as planned. But Gonzales Healthcare Systems will be here to help you and your family get through the big hits.